When is the best time to move your household?

Relocating a house is hard, costly, and complicated. Arguably the hardest part is to find the right long distance removals Northamptonshire company to assist you. But some people would say that the toughest decision to make is to understand when is the best time to move your household. There are many factors in play. Some you can control while others you can’t. Hence, let us point out all the common situations regarding the best time for moving a household. Let’s take a look.

Are you buying or renting?

The first thing you want to ask yourself – Are you buying or renting? If you are buying a property, then there is a lot to talk about. You should consider the budget you have available, the current state of the housing market, the neighbourhood you are looking for. Then, you are probably using real estate agency services and they will influence your search for a property and a moving date as well. Finally, after you find the house you are moving to, then you can start working on your moving logistics and on your moving date.

a family checking out a new property
If you are renting then you are far more flexible than when you want to purchase a property.

On the other hand, if you are renting, you can decide when to move much easier. Simply because the investment is much lower and the risk as well. Therefore, you will find your new home quicker and relocate in the same fashion. So, as long as your budget is ready and you have furniture dismantling and assembly Northamptonshire company hired, you are good to go within days.

The best time to move your household is depending on your budget

Now, the removal budget plays a vital role in this story. If you have enough of it you can move whenever and however you want. But in the real world, you must prepare your budget and calculate everything upfront. So, do the math before contacting your movers to be sure you can cover the basic package at least. After evaluating the complexity of your relocation project, then you can add removal services to the whole batch or remove some out of the equation. Yes, the removal budget can slow everyone down and because of it, we can lose a perfect property that was on the market or a last-minute lease for an apartment.

Moreover, make sure to hire licensed and reputable removal professionals. Not all movers are the same. Some offer unrealistic services and overinflated prices. If you find a good removal company, you can save up a lot. Better yet, a company with special offers and discounts at that very moment. Therefore, search on the internet for a while and you will surely find a match after reading a few reviews. Although to spare you the trouble we will recommend Britmove as one of the best choices out there. Give it a try and you will have safe, affordable, and professional removal assistance.

The non-peak season might be the answer for you

We all know that spring and summer are crazy seasons for both movers and customers. Everyone is moving and movers are booked tight. They are booked months in advance. At least high-end and white glove companies. Prices are set in stone and there are no discounts whatsoever. Some would say that moving is more expensive over the warmer period compared to the colder months. And yes, that is entirely true because colder months are the non-peak season and as such, it might be the answer to all your troubles. This can be the best time to move your household for many reasons. Firstly, prices are up to 30% lower across the board because there are fewer relocations overall. With money saved, you can afford to purchase packing service Northamptonshire for example. Or simply boost your budget for something else.

mover loading the truck with boxes
No matter what season you are in, your movers will relocate you safely. But your budget will thank you if you choose a non-peak season.

Movers are not so tightly booked and they will rarely reject any customer. This kind of situation makes you more flexible for all sorts of things. You will coordinate your budget, moving date, preparations, and transportation much easier. As for the snow on the road, you shouldn’t worry for a second. It is a common misconception that it is unsafe to relocate while snowing. It is proven that roads are safer because there are fewer cars on the road and drivers drive with more caution. Not to mention that the hard labour tied to all removal activities is more bearable over autumn and winter days. So, relocating over the non-peak season is the ultimate solution for everyone who can wait a couple of months or weeks to get there.

The time of the month matters greatly

Some would say that the best time to move your household. Yes, if you can time it right. The fact that you will schedule your movers and pack everything in advance gives you enough time to choose a date you like. But for those who must conduct a last-minute move, this won’t work. So, if you can choose a date in the middle of the week and the middle of the month that would be great. Simply because prices are lower and there are fewer removals in general.

the middle of the months is the best time to move your household
Try to avoid those days around the beginning and the end of the months when leases renew and expire.

The beginning of the month is overcrowded because leases end and renew and people move all over the place. And competition is great as well. Therefore, check the availability with your moving company and you’ll realize that dates in the middle of the month are free and somehow cheaper. But this may vary from company to company so be sure to check a few of them.

The best time to move your household depends on the weather as well

As we already mentioned, cold weather moving is possible. Although, you should always check the forecast at least a week before the move. If you are expecting heavy snowfall or blizzard, you should reschedule and postpone your relocation. Just for safety reasons. If you must relocate, then go for it and drive safely. But just because of this reason people stay away from colder months even if they are way cheaper in terms of removal service and your final cost. Many customers would pay more just to have much lower chances for damages, injuries, or any removal mishaps. So, the best time to move your home would be when the weather is favourable which again is always over the spring and summer. But it surely can be over the autumn and winter as well.

Now you know what the best time to move your household is. Hopefully, we provided enough details for you to organize and prepare for your relocation adequately. Just prepare your budget for moving out in advance and when the time comes, you will have no problem dealing with other removal stages. Good luck.

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