What should you know before moving to Coventry

What is expected of you to do when arranging your relocation? Well, in one word – preparation. We all know that booking a professional moving company is a crucial aspect that guarantees success. Moreover, there are so many other chores to undertake. Apart from all this, you are to get familiar with the place you’re moving to. Hence, do your research before moving to Coventry. Being prepared for what comes next is an important step in your life. Find out what the city has to offer, its positive and negative sides.

Start researching before moving to Coventry

Coventry is a city with a population of around 325,000 people. It won’t disappoint you at all. Indeed, it has a lot to offer. Thus, with the assistance of the local removals Northamptonshire you are on the right way to starting your new life with satisfaction. As for the information about Conventry, you can get them by thoroughly researching the internet or asking for recommendations. Or else, rely on us, we are here to provide important facts about life in Coventry.

  • costs of living
  • weather
  • transport
  • education
  • employment
  • entertainment

Is it affordable to live in Coventry?

Well, we can state that costs of living are not that high in Coventry. As a matter of fact, property prices are quite affordable. For instance, the median home value is around £208,000. In case you’re interested in renting, you can always find single rooms for £350. On the other hand, we consider the average rent around £800. Be that as it may, the expenses here are significantly lower in comparison to other cities.

For instance, many areas in the city are quite desirable for starting your new life. We can suggest Binley and Allesley. Binley is about 3 miles away from the centre. It’s considered to be a nice suburban area with excellent schools. Also, Allesley is 3 miles from the city center. This area abounds in amazing places.

However, in case you want to, you can always save money. First, start by hiring house removals Northampton. If living centrally, reduce the transport costs by using bicycles, or walking. Be healthy and fit. However, if living far away, those people must use their own car or public transport. Still, don’t worry. Even in these situations have no worries. A  monthly journey passes are about £45. This is significantly cheaper when we observe other sites. In the case of shopping, you can save money by buying products in Lidl and Aldi.

The weather is a typical English weather

Like in the rest of the UK cities, most sunny days will be pleasurable in June, July, and August when you can revel in the sunshine. Also, you may expect snow in winter, and a lot of rain during the winter. As you can see, practically the same as in most places in the UK. However, it isn’t just the rain, it’s the grey sky during the winter.

grey clouds in the sky welcoming you before moving to Coventry
Don’t mind the weather, After all, it’s almost the same as in the rest of the Uk.

Transport is quite satisfying

Relax before the relocation to Coventry. You can move through the city easily. Use Pool Meadow bus station, the Coventry train station, or a plethora of black cabs. Moreover, people simply love Coventry because of its proximity to London and Manchester. As a matter of fact, you can reach both cities in a two to three hours’ drive. As for other means of transport, the closeness to Birmingham International Airport is definitely a plus.

Your children will manage quite well

Prior to you moving to Coventry, find a suitable school for your children. Believe it or not, this won’t be too difficult. We could consider Coventry as a centre of educational excellence in the whole of the UK. Coventry has 89 primary and 35 secondary schools. Also, students should use the services of removal companies Coventry since they will be delighted by coming here. According to some research in 2016, Coventry was considered to be one of the best cities for students in the world. You must admit, this is quite an acknowledgment. Indeed, The University of Coventry and the University of Warwick offer high-quality education.

a college student walking with graduation cap
Before moving to Coventry you should decide on the best education for your children.

Employment shouldn’t be on the list of your concerns

Surely, you won’t have trouble finding a job in Coventry due to its numerous job opportunities. Being the centre of manufacturing and engineering, both manual workforce and highly skilled technicians and engineers will find something suitable for them. Also, be aware that manufacturing in the automotive sector is what Coventry is especially known for. For instance, Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin Rolls Royce, and BMW Group have their plants in this amazing city. As for other major employers, we can point out companies such as IBM, Codemasters, or Telnet.

Enjoy a plethora of activities in the city with a strong character and personality

The whole family will use their free time to visit a variety of attractions, cozy pubs, exclusive restaurants, great beer gardens, and coffee houses in Coventry. There’s no need to spend too much money on attractions and entertainment. As a matter of fact, there are certain free entry attractions in the city.

  • Coventry Transport Museum
  • Midland Air Museum
  • Coventry Cathedral
  • The Herbert Art Gallery
Coventry Cathedral
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit cultural attractions in Coventry.

The feeling of complete satisfaction awaits when deciding to move to Coventry

All in all, be sure you have the necessary information before moving to Coventry. As already mentioned, detailed preparation will lead you to success. Also, knowing the right facts about your new destination is one of the most important aspects of preparation. In this case, you have nothing to worry about. Since you’re moving to Coventry, you will be welcomed by this amazing city with its courtesy, pleasant people, reasonable prices, great opportunities, and education. Hopefully, we have helped with the information we have acquired. Use it well to your advantage. After all, Coventry is really an amazing city.

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