The ultimate pre-move packing checklist

It goes without saying that relocation is one of the most stressful events in our lives. Because of the things involved in the process, it gives us reasons to feel overwhelmed but excited as well. And in the whole relocation process, there are many tasks that need to be completed. Still, there is no doubt – packing is among the most difficult ones. This is because packing requires dedication, patience, and it is time-consuming. For that reason, you should consider one of the removal companies that offer packing services such as Britmove Removals UK. This way you will be more relaxed during the removal process. However, if you have decided to do it by yourself we have created the ultimate pre-move packing checklist to make your packing process easier.

Make an inventory of your belongings

In order to have a successful packing process, it is important to take inventory of the belongings that you will take with you. This is crucial and probably the most important step as by knowing this you will be able to calculate how much time you will need for packing. Depending on the size of your home and the belongings that you are relocating you will be able to organize other steps more efficiently.

Man taking an inventory of moving boxes
The most important step in the packing process is to take an inventory of your belongings

And the inventory of your belongings is not important only for your packing process but for your whole moving experience. If you are relocating by yourself you will be able to organize a transportation day. And if you are using one of the removal companies Coventry has they will be able to give you a moving quote and plan your moving day better. So taking inventory of your belongings is probably the most important step in the whole process.

Pre-move packing checklist should include items that will go into the essential bag

Another important step to successfully organizing your packing process is to make a list of your essentials. By having these items you will organize your packing process easier. You will not pack them by mistake and then look for them in the pile of boxes. Having an essential bag is important because that way you will have all the items that you might need for the first couple of days. Also, even if your moving boxes are transported a couple of days before you go to your new location you will have your essentials. Some of the items that your essential bag should have include:

  • Medications and toiletries
  • Personal items and identifications
  • Electronics and chargers
  • Dishes for the simplest meals

Declutter, downsize, and donate

The next thing that you should do is to go through your belongings and see what will you need in your new location. And what you can leave behind. For the items that you are not planning to take with you consider donating them to somebody who will need them more. This way you will do something good and have fewer items to pack. Also if you need extra cash for your removal you can always organize a garage sale.

If you decide to declutter you don’t have to get rid of all the items. Consider renting one of the most secured storage Northamptonshire has to place your valuables. This way you will not give away items that have sentimental value to you. Or the items that you are not sure if you will need later. This is a great way to make your packing easier as you will have fewer items to pack.

Get packing supplies and materials

After you have decided what items you will pack it is time to gather all the moving supplies and packing materials that you will need. There is no doubt that you will need moving boxes. Since there are moving boxes in different sizes make sure to calculate how much of what size you will need. Also, you will need sealing tape to secure all the moving boxes. And of course, markers to label them.

Moving box labeled fragile
The marker should be on your pre-move packing checklist in order to label your moving boxes

Apart from moving boxes, there are items that you will need to protect before you place them into moving boxes. Make sure to get bubble wrap. Also, if you would like to save some money you can always use your blankets and sweaters. Any soft material will be good for fragile and sensitive items. With the right packing supplies and packing materials, you will ensure the safe transportation of your belongings.

Include an action plan in your pre-move packing checklist

Lastly, after you have decided what items you will take with you and you gathered all the supplies it is time to start packing. In order to make your packing process easier, you should make an action plan. Make sure to pack room by room and not everything at the same time. This way you will avoid having a mess in all rooms and your packing process would be well organized.

You can start from the rooms that you will not need for the last couple of days such as the attic, garage, and basement. Then pack your living room and furniture that you will not use. Most probably you will leave the bathroom and kitchen for the end as those items you will use until the last day in your current location. But even if you pack them first it’s okay as long as you have your essential bag.

Hire a removal company to help you with packing

If you think that the packing process is too overwhelming for you you can always hire removal professionals to help you out. Whether you are relocating your office or your home there are professional packers that will ensure the proper protection of your belongings. Many of the house removals Northamptonshire has, offer full moving services that will cover everything from packing to unpacking of your belongings.

A mover standing next to the moving box
Hire a removal company to assist you with the packing process

Whether you decide to pack by yourself or leave it to the professionals there are steps that you will have to follow to ensure an easier and smooth moving process. Just follow our pre-move packing checklist and rest assured that your packing process will be simple and stress-free.

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