Packing Service

Packing for your removal is a specialist skill and BRITMOVE have experienced and professionally trained staff to provide this service for you.

Reassembly Service

Here at BRITMOVE, we have all the expertise and tools that make our furniture dismantling and assembly service a successful one.


Our clean, dry and secure domestic storage facilities are perfect for the storage all kinds of household items from furniture to clothes, fridges, washing machines, electrical goods, garden furniture, seasonal and hobby items.

Disposal Service

If you are moving, it is pointless taking unwanted furniture with you, only to throw it away when you get to your new home.

Cleaning Service

We all know that moving house is tough. With tasks such as scheduling with a removals company, packing, and notifying everyone about the change, moving can be overwhelming.

House Removals

You can request a quote over the phone or by completing the online form. We will need some information about the property you are moving from (type of property, number of rooms,etc.) in order to get a better idea about the job.

For years, we have been one of the best moving services providers in the country. Britmove Removals UK got you covered for all your removal and storage needs regardless of whether you are moving locally or long distance. Looking to turn your difficult and complicated move into a smooth and stress-free process? Give us a call or contact us through our webpage – we offer some of the best moving services UK has at affordable rates.

britmove moving crew
Call us and hire some of the best moving services UK has to offer

A wide range of available moving services UK residents love

We know that moving is a complex process with many unknowns. Therefore, we have prepared one of the widest sets of removal services Northamptonshire can offer.  Here are some of the options we offer for your upcoming move:

We can help you move your home regardless of its size and type

If you are moving your home, no matter whether it is a flat or a house, we offer some of the best house moving services UK has right now. Our team of professionals is specialized in handling all types of domestic items including furniture, appliances, fragile items, electronics, etc. Moreover, we offer a wide range of corresponding removal services Northamptonshire residents often use along with our standard service to make the process easier. If you are looking for the simplest way to move your home, we are at your disposal.

Move locally with the help of our Northamptonshire County movers

Most people think that local removals are simple and easy and that employing professional help is not necessary for these situations.  And while that might be true in some circumstances, in most cases, professional help is essential in order to avoid delays, injuries, and damage to your items and properties. If you are moving from one furnished rental flat to another in Northamptonshire County and you are carrying only a suitcase of personal belongings, you can probably do it without paying professionals. In any other case, give us a call to ensure the help of some of the best removal services Northamptonshire has for short distance moves.

Cross long distances with ease by employing our long distance movers

Britmove Removals UK owns a large fleet of versatile vehicles that allow us to provide one of the most superior long distance removal services UK has right now.  No matter how far you are moving, our experienced and fully equipped movers will ensure a smooth process by following a custom plan that our coordinators will design for your move specifically.  A whole team works simultaneously to ensure your items arrive at your destination undamaged and according to our prearranged schedule.

Simplify and speed up your move while providing your items with perfect protection with the help of our professional packers

Moving consists of a number of smaller processes that are going on at the same time. Naturally, some processes are more difficult than others depending on the situation. Yet, we know that one task is more difficult than others – packing.  Packing is something that requires time, effort, and certain knowledge in order to be completed properly. Unfortunately, not many people have what it takes to do this job right. That is why we added professional packing to our set of UK removal services. And we decided to go further with this service than other companies on the market by including furniture arrangement and unpacking as well.

movers on the job
Moving consists of a number of smaller processes that are going on at the same time.

We understand that many people have trouble with settling down in their new home just because they didn’t have time or energy to unpack right after the move.  If you enlist Britmove Removals UK for your forthcoming move, you can be sure that your new home will be arranged and ready on the day you arrive.

Let us disassemble and reassemble your furniture and prepare it for removal

When it comes to difficult tasks during a move, one thing stands side by side with packing – handling furniture. Luckily, you have Brtimove Removals UK to assist you. Our furniture reassembling service is a perfect solution when you have many bulky and heavy pieces of furniture that cannot be removed without taking them apart. Our movers will come to your home a few hours before the move to dismantle your furniture and prepare it for transport. Moreover, we will put everything back together at the site after delivery.

Keep your excess items in our safe storage facility

We know that the process of moving your home oftentimes unearths a number of excess items that need to be stored somewhere. If that happens to you, you have our storage facility at your disposal. Our storage facility is clean, safe, dry, pest-free, and provides perfect conditions for short and long term safekeeping of your valuable belongings.

If you do not have time to remove excess items before the move, give us a call

If it happens that you have some excess items that you do not want to store but want to get rid of, we offer a perfect solution. Our disposal service will relieve you of all the items that you do not plan to store or move to your new home. There is no need to pay for transportation of items that you do not plan to use in the future. Instead, give us a call and we will handle them for you.

Keep your properties spotless with our cleaning service

When your landlord requires you to clean the place after you move out, give us a call as well. Cleaning service is one of our most popular removal services Northamptonshire county residents often hire in these situations. Of course, we can clean your old home as well as the new one.

moving checlikst with britmove logo
Britmove Removals UK knows that moving rarely comes easy on the budget.

We provide top quality removal services in UK at affordable prices

We are known for providing some of the removal services UK can offer at this moment. Still, the fact that you will be getting top-quality services doesn’t mean that you need to spend every last penny.  Britmove Removals UK knows that moving rarely comes easy on the budget, especially when moving long distances. That is why we are trying to keep our prices reasonable and providing you with the option of getting a free moving quote online.

Call us and ensure a safe and carefree move

The days of stressful and tiring relocations are gone. With Britmove Removals UK, you have some of the best moving services UK has to offer at your disposal. To ensure our assistance for your upcoming move, contact us now. We will provide you with a free quote and a team of the finest moving professionals in the country.