Moving houses is a process that gets most people excited about what is to come. Amidst all of that excitement about choosing a new house and starting life anew in another neighborhood or part of the city, it’s too easy to disregard all the feelings that stem from stress and anxiety. Instead of bottling up feelings about the inevitably difficult aspects of your relocation, it would be wise to contact a suitable professional right away. At Britmove Removals UK, we combine eight years of experience with high-quality tools in order to deliver the finest moving experience. With our furniture dismantling and assembly Northamptonshire services, our company ensures that all of your items reach their new destination in the best condition. Contact our company, request a free estimate, and enjoy a seamless relocation.

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One phone call separates you from an effortless and delay-free relocation.

Britmove Removals UK will successfully handle the tricky aspects of your move

Every relocation is a uniquely different event. While some can be classified as simple and easy, others present an endeavor of massive proportions. For Britmove Removals UK, it matters not whether you present us with a job big or small – we can successfully handle both. As a full-service removals company with years of experience in the industry, we make it our mission to handle even the most complicated aspects of your relocation. Since we want you to have as much assistance as you need at your disposal, we have taken the necessary steps to create a range of relocation services in the UK that will help you have the move of your dreams. Rely on us when searching for or facing:

You are completely free to combine different assistance options and tailor your relocation package according to your needs. We here at Britmove Removals UK will adjust our services to your relocation, as we place a lot of value on individuality. All of our customers deserve to be treated with the same level of care and attention.

Make your relocation easy with our effective furniture dismantling and assembly Northamptonshire services

Once you take a look around your property, you are going to realize how many of your furniture pieces will have to be dismantled. Some items, such as beds and wardrobes, are impossible to transport in their original condition. Furniture pieces that are too heavy and take up too much of your space ought to be disassembled into as many parts as possible. Of course, you want to be careful and not damage your items in the process, as it’s very easy to irreparably damage the piece while dismantling it. The good news is that you don’t have to take care of this difficult task – we will gladly do it for you.

A bed to be disassembled with furniture dismantling and assembly Northamptonshire services.
Attempting to relocate heavy furniture without disassembling can result in injuries.

Britmove Removals UK has composed a team that consists of trained, qualified, and skilled individuals. They have extensive experience in the industry, and they have dismantled all types of items in the past. Thus, you can feel secure once you place any of your items in the hands of our experienced team, as they have handled it all.

Dismantling a piece is merely the first step to a successful and stress-free move. What comes next is just as important when it comes to preserving your furniture pieces. Thus, we provide you with furniture dismantling and assembly services in Northamponshire, as we take apart an item, and then reassemble it at the new location. That’s how our company manages to remove most of the stress that you could feel regarding your relocation.

Get access to our cost-effective services

At Britmove Removals UK, we understand that some people might have a problem affording all of the help that they need. We don’t believe that moving assistance should be a luxury. Rather, we find it to be a necessity and a pre-requisite for a successful move. Thus, we have made it our mission to compose a competitive pricing list that will enable you to get access to all the help you could need.

Feel free to request a non-obligatory quote from our team and obtain an accurate price estimate. By getting a price estimate from us, you will be able to plan out your moving budget. We believe that a good plan is the first step towards a successful relocation. While only you can make a plan regarding your budget, we’ll gladly create your moving plan. The plan our company makes will be 100% tailored to your unique needs.

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Opt for our furniture dismantling and assembly Northamptonshire services and get a unique moving plan.

We bring all the necessary tools with us

Sometimes, disassembling a piece of furniture will require special equipment. At Britmove Removals UK, we have already purchased all the necessary items. Once you hire us for furniture dismantle and assembly services in Northamptonshire, we will come armed with all the needed tools. Likewise, we will come with as many moving vehicles as necessary for the number of items you have to relocate.

We have modern moving equipment that enables quick and effective disassembly of your precious belongings. Britmove Removals UK believes that you deserve to receive the royal treatment. Let us show you that your relocation in the Northamptonshire County can be a rather straightforward and effortless process.

Contact Britmove Removals UK and get the best care for your furniture pieces

Relocation doesn’t have to be a difficult event where a lot of your items get damaged. Quite the contrary – with sufficient assistance, you can have an easy and stress-free relocation. Today, you have the option of contacting Britmove Removals UK and requesting a free moving estimate from us. By doing so, you would be getting access to furniture dismantling and assembly Northamptonshire services, as well as our other assistance options. With modern tools, experienced professionals, and affordable prices, we are going to exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, try to use a box that’s the right size. Books and DVDs are heavy so they need to be packed into smaller boxes. Try not to have items sticking out of the top of boxes – this makes them harder to load. Try to fill up the boxes with cushions, linen or even newspaper so the top of the box doesn’t get crushed!

In the kitchen, it’s best to try and place a towel or sheet at the very bottom of the box. Crockery and glassware items will need to be individually wrapped in paper. White butchers paper is best for this as newspaper can sometimes leave ink marks. (We have butchers paper for sale if you need some). Finish off the box with another towel, sheet or layer of crumpled paper at the top. Boxes should be packed firmly (so the contents don’t move around) but not too tight.

Dinner plates are best wrapped individually and then stacked on their ends.

You can use light things such as Tupperware and plastic items to fill up boxes that have heavier items on the bottom layer.

Boxes should be labelled with the room and a brief description of contents, so you can find things easily at the other end.

Yes you can leave clothes and blankets inside drawers and blanket boxes. Anything that will move around inside drawers will need to be removed and packed into boxes. It’s a good idea to remove make-up, medicines, jewellery, stationery, etc from drawers and repack them somewhere else.

Documents and files can be left inside your filing cabinet.

Once you know everything has arrived in your new home, and it’s all safe and sound – we would like payment please!

Payment is expected on the day of removal and can be made via these methods:
debit card
major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)

Please note that payment by American Express will attract an extra charge of 2.75% to cover bank fees on the transaction.

It’s not an absolute requirement but we do work better with a caffeine intake! LOL

For most moves, we can start first thing in the morning and have you out of your old place by lunch time. You should then be in your new place in the afternoon and you can start unpacking a few essential boxes!

However, If you have lots of belongings or if there’s a lot of travelling to be done between your old and new homes, then we’ll need a bit longer to get you settled into your new place.