Moving homes is an important life event. It signifies a new chapter and fresh new beginnings. However, it is a big project that requires dependable resources and an adequate workforce to be handled safely and with success. At Britmove we specialize in house removals Northamptonshire residents prefer over any other. With many years of experience in the house removal industry, our team is your trusted moving partner you can fully depend upon. We provide a comprehensive range of relocation services and a bespoke moving plan for the optimal time and cost-efficiency of your moving project. Our team of Northamptonshire house removalists is fully-trained to the highest industry standards, and they provide friendly customer service and support throughout all stages of the moving process. Contact us today and benefit from our expert relocation services, at convenient rates!

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Secure a swift, safe, and affordable house moving with the most dependable house removals Northamptonshire service.

Expert house removals Northamptonshire residents trust and recommend

As the moving industry grows, so does the number of removal companies. But, selecting a true professional in the domain remains a tricky task. After all, hiring a Northamptonshire house removalist ultimately means trusting a stranger with your property and possessions. Therefore, the safety aspect of your house move should be paramount.

At Britmove we have completed nearly 5,000 house removal projects with optimal success. Throughout many years in operation, our company has established a solid reputation as a premier provider of the most dependable service for house removals Northamptonshire has.

Britmove is a proud member of The National GUILD of Removers and Storers. As such, we are an industry-regulated remover, committed to the highest standards for quality and safety. Besides, we participate in the Ombudsman Scheme, which further guarantees the safety and protection of your move when you entrust your possessions with our team. Hence, secure your peace of mind and call us today! With Britmove, you can be sure that your relocation will be completed in a flawless manner.

There are no obstacles for our house removalists

Even during unpredictable situations, our house removalists know how to handle the entire endeavour with ease. Whether an unexpected work or private situation occurs, rest assured we will re-adjust the relocation schedule and modify it according to yours. Rest assured there is not an obstacle that can disrupt a house removal when you have our team at your disposal. They are well-trained to know how to perform during unexpected weather conditions that often make people give up on their move. Our customers are fully safe and taken care of, and you will not be an exception.

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Hiring our house removalists removes all your worries.

A team of specialists gathered around a common goal

Relocations are logistically-challenging periods that call for experts. And we at Britmove qualify as one of the most popular and trusted house removalists in Northamptonshire. What makes us different from an array of companies is our innovative approach to every relocation endeavour. We believe that house removals do not have to be as draining and exhausting as they seem at first. That is why we put a lot of emphasis on staff training and maintaining the highest service quality.

The moving industry is changing, and we make sure not to fall behind. Our aim is to make relocations available to as many people as possible! Being such a demanding endeavour, moving is also a life-changing opportunity. And it is definitely worth having a team of relocation specialists who are up to the task.

Northamptonshire house removalists committed to full customer satisfaction

Moving to a new home is a roller coaster of emotions. While this period of transition can be exciting, it is also a stress-inducing process. Besides the technical and logistical prowess, our expert Northamptonshire house removals specialists are well-versed in the individual impact moving has on people. Therefore, at Britmove we aim to make your relocation easy in all aspects. Our esteemed clients certainly appreciate our approach. This is evident in the numerous customer reviews we at Britmove receive after the completion of each project.

britmove team
Our friendly staff will provide you with solid support and expert guidance.

You can count on our flexibility and promptness to adjust to your schedule. Moreover, we will draw up a relocation plan that fits your individual moving requirements and expectations. Rather than providing a generic house removals Northamptonshire service, we make sure your unique relocation needs are addressed with diligence.  Thus, opting to entrust Britmove with your house moving project allows you to tailor your relocation in a manner that suits you best. So, give us a call today, and let us know the specific details of your pending move. Our specialists will see to it, and we will provide you with a foolproof house removal plan that will meet and exceed your expectations.

A comprehensive offer of quality and dependable Northamptonshire house removals service

Regardless of the size of your household, at Britmove we have the technical capacity and top-notch resources to relocate it swiftly and with nothing short of excellence. We provide a full suite of relocation services to cover all aspects of your house moving project. These are designed on the backdrop of our extensive field experience, and thorough knowledge of the moving process. Thus, our house removalists in Northamptonshire have a streamlined system in place. This allows them to maximize the efficiency of your transfer, and trim the costs. 

You can make the first step to your swift relocation with no further ado. Request your moving quote and get a concrete plan of action.

Besides, our friendly specialists are happy to answer any of your questions and help you determine the exact services that will optimize the desired outcome of your relocation. Count on us for expert guidance and moving tips for your utmost convenience. So, talk to us today, and relocate with ease.

Expert packing services for optimal protection of your possessions

Juggling moving boxes with an endless list of house moving tasks sure can be overwhelming. However, Britmove offers you the chance to cross over to yet another one, and save your time and energy. Our Northamptonshire house removalists are dexterous packing specialists. Through our expert packing service, you will not only save time, but you can be sure that your belongings get the optimal protection during the transfer. We will provide all packing materials, so you will skip the part of supplying them yourself as well. You can put us in charge to unpack your items in your new home, and give us precise instructions on where do you need us to place your furniture. Like so, the only thing you need to do is settle in with ease and comfort in your new house.

movers on the job
Our handy team will handle all aspects of your household relocation.

Besides, Britmove offers a full range of reassembly services. Our handy staff will dismantle your furniture and we will disconnect your appliances and electronics. At your new place, we will assemble your furniture and save you the effort of looking for experts for the task elsewhere.

With Britmove you can opt to benefit from a virtually hands-free house relocation. The only thing you need to do is to let us know how much or how little you need us to handle for you. Then, relax, and indulge in the joys of moving to a new home, while our house removals Northamptonshire specialists do everything else on your behalf.

Add secure storage solutions to your house removals Northamptonshire service for a seamless relocation experience

Britmove operates a safe, clean and secure storage facility. This is suitable for a diverse range of household items and personal effects. Our storage service allows you flexibility in terms of the space and length of usage. The pricing system we have is transparent and upfront. The storage solutions we offer come in handy in various situations, e.g. renovating, or simply as a convenient addition to your house removals Northamptonshire services.

storage units
Chose our premium storage unit where your precious belongings will be completely safe.

Our storage units are fully protected and surveilled, so all your stored goods remain safe as you are relocating. They are ideal for all kinds of household items due to the temperature-regulation feature. It keeps the temperature inside the storage optimal the entire time. Therefore, the storage we offer is useful and safe regardless of the season.

Count on additional services we have on offer

If you rather get rid of unwanted furniture or other household clutter, we can help. Britmove provides an effective disposal service for single or multiple items at your convenience. We will help you get rid of spare items and make your house removal process easier to handle. Our Northamptonshire home removal services also offer the option of cleaning service. Have your home sparkling clean with no effort on your part.

So, talk to us today, and let us know what can we do for you. We assure you that our expert house removalists will deliver quality craftsmanship befitting your specific expectations. And, all this at affordable price points! Relocations come much easier when our team is around to guide you and execute all the difficult tasks for you.

A free-of-charge moving quote and no extra fees

We want our potential customers to have an insight into the approximate house removal costs, which is why we offer a free moving quote. It takes less than a couple of minutes to fill it on our website and wait for our team to conduct an estimation. The estimation you get does not include anything other than the services you need. Further, we want to let you know there are no additional, undisclosed fees with us, as we keep it transparent with all our customers. You can relax knowing that a trustworthy team of specialists will take care of your relocation from start until the end.

We are there for you if you have additional questions

Besides top-quality relocation and storage services, we also provide our customers with expert advice. Whenever you have questions or concerns regarding your relocation, just let us know about them. Our team of experts will assist you in the best way possible and remove all your doubts. So, feel free to ask whatever interests you. Your well-being and best interest always come first at Britmove.

What comes with moving to Northamptonshire?

Although it is one of the most rural counties in England, Northamptonshire still has a lot to offer. It includes villages and two large towns:

  • Northampton – Visited by many people every year due to its amazing architecture. Also, living in Northampton is a unique experience if you appreciate art, proximity to eye-gazing landscapes, and history.
  • Corby – A fast-growing town with so many aspiring entrepreneurs relocating there every year. A strong economy is one of the main reasons why the population in Corby is slowly increasing.

Whether you decide to relocate to Northampton or Corby, our house removalists are ready to do the entire work for you. All it takes is to give us a call and let us know how we can help! Our crew will have all your needs met – from packing to transportation.

Benefit from bespoke house removals Northamptonshire service at the best price – Contact Britmove today!

At Britmove, we offer you everything for a safe, swift, and efficient transfer, no matter the distance. Our house removals Northamptonshire specialists are held to the highest standards for safety and quality in the industry. Hence, by working with us you can have peace of mind and know that your possessions are in steady hands. So, contact us and be sure that moving houses can be a fast, easy and affordable task, with no stress and anxiety spikes! We are waiting for your call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, try to use a box that’s the right size. Books and DVDs are heavy so they need to be packed into smaller boxes. Try not to have items sticking out of the top of boxes – this makes them harder to load. Try to fill up the boxes with cushions, linen or even newspaper so the top of the box doesn’t get crushed!

In the kitchen, it’s best to try and place a towel or sheet at the very bottom of the box. Crockery and glassware items will need to be individually wrapped in paper. White butchers paper is best for this as newspaper can sometimes leave ink marks. (We have butchers paper for sale if you need some). Finish off the box with another towel, sheet or layer of crumpled paper at the top. Boxes should be packed firmly (so the contents don’t move around) but not too tight.

Dinner plates are best wrapped individually and then stacked on their ends.

You can use light things such as Tupperware and plastic items to fill up boxes that have heavier items on the bottom layer.

Boxes should be labelled with the room and a brief description of contents, so you can find things easily at the other end.

Yes you can leave clothes and blankets inside drawers and blanket boxes. Anything that will move around inside drawers will need to be removed and packed into boxes. It’s a good idea to remove make-up, medicines, jewellery, stationery, etc from drawers and repack them somewhere else.

Documents and files can be left inside your filing cabinet.

Once you know everything has arrived in your new home, and it’s all safe and sound – we would like payment please!

Payment is expected on the day of removal and can be made via these methods:
debit card
major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)

Please note that payment by American Express will attract an extra charge of 2.75% to cover bank fees on the transaction.

It’s not an absolute requirement but we do work better with a caffeine intake! LOL

For most moves, we can start first thing in the morning and have you out of your old place by lunch time. You should then be in your new place in the afternoon and you can start unpacking a few essential boxes!

However, If you have lots of belongings or if there’s a lot of travelling to be done between your old and new homes, then we’ll need a bit longer to get you settled into your new place.