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How to Do a Background Check on a Removal Company?

Although moving can be a wonderful event in a person’s life, many people might feel overwhelmed. And that is understandable, too. You will surely feel all kinds of emotions while you’re busy organizing your removal. This means a lot of things you should be doing while continuing with your life and work. This is why we want to give you useful pieces of advice –  so you can hire some professional help. If you wish to find one of the removal companies Northamptonshire, keep in mind that you should do a background check on a removal company.

Choosing movers can be tricky

The moving market is getting bigger and bigger by the day. If you have someone who moved recently and can recommend a company with which they were satisfied – that will make your life easier. This could really be a great advantage and would save you both time and energy. But, let’s be honest: this is often not the case. So, most likely, you will have to look for house removals Northamptonshire all by yourself.

And we can guess that you want to avoid amateurs. Just imagine your moving day and the situation when you realize that your movers aren’t able to handle some unexpected situation, they don’t have the right equipment, or aren’t skilled enough. That is a disaster you want to avoid for sure. So, how to know who to hire? You have to do a background check on a removal company. Start with looking for movers, whether in the place where you live now or in a place where you are moving to. And if you plan to relocate to Kettering, you can start your search with the removals Kettering has to offer.

How to do a background check on a removal company?

If you want to avoid fraud, you should definitely do a background check on a removal company you want to hire. But if you’ve never done this before, perhaps you don’t know how to do it or where to start, so we are here to help you. There is some information you can get before moving, like getting the ultimate packing checklist and verifying the moving company’s licensing credentials. Professional movers must be registered and licensed to perform moves. So check for that registration before you sign the deal.

Find out all you can about the company

So when you do your research, have in mind that it will take some time. And that is just fine because it is worth investing in. You won’t find it wasted if you are happy with the service they give you. So always go to their website and read what you can about them. Always try to find out how long they are on the market and how much experience they have in the kind of service you need. Don’t rush it, read it all; and never skip on looking for reviews. People wrote their experiences for a reason and that is to help you make your decision. If the majority was content, the chances are that you will be happy, too.

If you can, call them and ask for an initial interview. Go to their office and feel free to ask anything you want to know. While you are there, you can ask them to show you their moving equipment. And you can ask to look at certificates their team has. That will make you calmer that they will know how to handle every situation possible.

Don’t rush in choosing

You should also tell them all the specifics about your items. If you have some special needs like to move your pool table, or a piano, or some expensive fragile items, like your grandma’s china – they should know about it. This is because their service and equipment they have to use will be different if you have items like that. So you want to prepare all in advance.

Does the price equal quality?

Price doesn’t always show you the quality of the service you will get. That being said, never sign the contract after getting just one quote. Have in mind that the estimates are free, so be sure that you told to different companies what exactly you need from them, so they can give you an offer based on the same data. If some estimates are much cheaper, that could mean that the company is still new, not registered, and doesn’t have much experience. They would want to get customers based on their low prices. But that can be the worst mistake to hire them. So maybe is smarter to stay away from them.

In addition, some more questions you should ask prospective

The quotes are calculated based on the distance they have to pass and the weight of your load. It is also important how many movers will be needed for your relocation and also if you have stairs or some other kind of obstacles they have to overcome on a moving day. We don’t want to encourage you to take the most expensive offer. Because that doesn’t have to be the best one. But it is smart to find the mid-price or have a few similar quotes and then decide based on the reviews. In the end, take quotes from at least three different companies before you decide.

Now you are ready to do a background check on a removal company

We pointed out some important things to think of and look for before you move from your old to a new home in the United Kingdom. And we do hope that you understood the importance of a background check on a removal company. Now you are ready to do your own check and make up your mind. We wish you luck in your relocation and hope that you will find joy in it.

moving companies

There are some additional questions you can ask moving companies to make sure you cover everything you need to know. It is always important to start with the questions that are most important to you. But still, feel free to ask some additional questions. Between you and the relocation company, there must be some unresolved situation, any trusted relocation company will do everything to help you with your doubts and answer all your questions. So the first thing that can be alarming to you to avoid that company is the fact that they don’t want to answer all your questions.

Questions you should ask prospective moving companies:

  • How long will my move take?
  • Can I contact the driver during the move?
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • What forms of payment do they accept?

If you know the questions you should ask prospective moving companies. In a sea of moving companies don’t settle for someone who is second class. Proven and experienced movers are one step away from you. Just call them and ask for everything you need to know. So happy search!

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