Moving to Nottingham: what can you expect?

Regardless of the destination, moving to a new city is always an overwhelming experience. This is normal because you are changing your familiar environment and stepping out of your comfort zone. So if you feel this way, do not get stressed as you are not alone. Just like relocating to any other place, moving to Nottingham involves different emotions. Even though it is a great place to live in it is normal to feel stressed because of the change of neighbourhood. In order to make your moving process easier and make you feel more relaxed, we have singled out a list of the things that you can expect once you move to Nottingham.

Overview and history of Nottingham

Before you find one of the best companies that handle removals Nottingham relocate you here, you should learn a little about the history of the place. This is important because this way you will be able to have an idea of the lifestyle that you will have. Nottingham is a city located in the Midlands region. It is one of the youngest cities in the UK with a population of around 331 000. And 50% of the population are people under the age of 30.

A picture of historical temple
Learn about the history of Nottingham before you move here

Because of its history and culture, it became one of the most interesting places to live in. The city is famed because of the connection that it has with the legend of Robin Hood. Also, it has a long tradition of being a home of sports. And in 2015 it was named a UNESCO City of Literature. It is a place for scientific and technological innovation and has reputation for generating creative talents. There is no doubt that moving to Nottingham is will bring you many exciting adventures.

Why is moving to Nottingham a good idea?

Relocation to Nottingham certainly has many benefits. It is one of the best places to live in in the UK. The main reason for that is the safety and the low crime rate that it has. It is affordable and is easy to navigate the streets of the city. Certainly, it is possible to go around on foot, but the public transportation is excellent as well. And the big plus of living in Nottingham is that it has easy access to other major cities in the UK.

Apart from its safety and the cost of living, Nottingham has a great job market and you will not have to worry about the education of your children. Because it has many benefits do not hesitate to move here and start a new chapter in your life. And once you relocate here, and if you have any unwanted items, do not waste time cleaning them but hire a reliable disposal service Northamptonshire has. This way you will not waste time cleaning but you will be able to start enjoying this amazing place.

Expenses that you can expect after moving to Nottingham

Most people choose to move to Nottingham because it is an affordable place and has a good standard. Just to have an idea of the cost of living, Nottingham is 35% cheaper than London. Its cost of living is similar to Birmingham and Glasgow. For example, electricity cost is lower than the UK average. Also, the monthly pass for the transportation is cheaper than in London where you would have to pay 135£. Grocery prices are more or less the same as in the rest of the UK.

Money as symbol of cost of living after moving to Nottingham
Explore the cost of living in order to set your monthly budget

It is not surprising that the biggest monthly expense that you would have to pay for is the rent. Still, the good news is that housing arrangements are cheaper in Nottingham than in the rest of the UK:

  • To rent 1 bedroom home the average monthly cost would be 661£
  • And for 3 bedroom apartment, you would need to set apart 1 100£ a month
  • The average price to buy a flat would be 152 000£
  • And to buy a detached home is 379 500£ on average

There are good job opportunities and a great educational system

Whether you are using a local professional removal company or you are relocating long-distance by yourself to the Nottingham job market is something that plays an important role. Job opportunities that the city has to offer show the quality of lifestyle that you can expect. Unfortunately, Nottingham has one of the highest unemployment rates, but for some industries, it is a great place to seek a new career. Education, retail and health are the biggest employers and 36% of people works in these three sectors.

Two children looking at the notebook
Moving to Nottingham means that your kids will have a great education

Another important aspect when relocating to a new place is the educational system. This is especially important if you are relocating with your family. If you have decided to move to the city of Nottingham, rest assured that your kids will get an excellent education. Also, there is a wide range of schools to choose from. There are 100 primary schools and 33 secondary schools in the city. And most importantly, the average GCSE is generally good.

Things to do in Nottingham

Moving to Nottingham means that there will be many things to do and that your social life will not suffer. For that reason, once you arrive unpack, place all the excessive items in one of the facilities that offer storage Northamptonshire, and start discovering this amazing place. With plenty of outside activities and picturesque streets, Nottingham certainly has a lot to offer. And if you prefer to go to the bars and restaurants at night, you are at the right place. Nottingham has an amazing nightlife.

There is no doubt that relocation can be a stressful event, but if you are moving to the right city –  it will become much easier. As Nottingham is one of the greatest cities in the UK to live in, do not hesitate to pack your belongings and move here. Moving to Nottingham means that your kids will have proper education and you will have a quality lifestyle. 

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