Moving from Nottingham to Northampton

Moving from a metropolis to a smaller town is quite an exciting endeavor. What to expect? Definitely a huge change. Hence, what you should do is prepare well. For a start, find reliable removal companies Northamptonshire. Make detailed preparations concerning other affairs. Moreover, make sure you do your research on the place you’re moving to. After all, moving from Nottingham to Northampton shouldn’t come as a surprise. Finding the necessary information about your new destination is crucial in order to make a fresh new start with a smile on your face.

Will it be hard leaving Nottingham?

Well, maybe it is hard to leave such a prosperous metropolis with a population of 800,000 people. Nottingham is rated as the 6th largest city in the UK. Moreover, its economy is the 7th biggest in the whole of the UK. Therefore, you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of such a big city but at the same time almost 70% cheaper than London. Still, have no worries. Leaving Nottingham for Northampton won’t have a negative influence on your life. Just make sure to use disposal service Northamptonshire prior to the moving process. Make it easy on yourself.

Nottingham City Council
Moving from Nottingham to Northampton is a huge change. Still, new beginnings are always exciting especially coming from this amazing town full of opportunities.

Moving from Nottingham to Northampton will open a whole range of new experiences

Though Northampton is smaller in comparison to Nottingham, its advantages are various. This is one of the biggest towns in the UK with around 195,000 people. In case you’re searching for the opportunity to start running your own business, here’s your chance. Northampton is one of the best places to start a business in the UK. Moreover, it’s 33% cheaper compared to London. Believe it or not, this is just the beginning of what this beautiful town has to offer.

The costs of living are what people are mainly concerned about

If we compare the two places the differences are not that significant. For instance, buying a flat is a bit more expensive in Northampton. Still, the average rent is slightly lower. It’s around £640 per month. Also, the situation with the basic utility costs shows that you’ll need more money in Northampton. As for the average monthly net salary, it’s around £1,600 which is less than the salary in Nottingham. In other words, the situation is more or less similar. Maybe more in favor of Nottingham. Thus, you could save more money for removals Nottingham and for a new home and life in general. However, what is evident is that the situation is much easier compared to London or other major cities where the costs are much higher.

Transportation is in one word – excellent

Both places have outstanding transportation links. As a matter of fact, you’ll need around 90 minutes of driving when relocating from Nottingham to Northampton. Northampton has access to M1 that will take you easily to the north or south of the country. By all means, one of the most significant facts is that Northampton is about 60 miles away from London. Also, an hour away from Birmingham, in case you’re driving. As for other means of transport we could point out the excellent train station system, and bus rides.

Coming to Northampton raises a question – What is the perfect location for my home?

It all depends on what you are looking for. Are you more for an urban lifestyle or do you prefer the peace and quiet in the rural areas? On the other hand, maybe you’re searching for new-build homes. No matter what you are in for, Northampton has it all. Just let the professional handle the packing process and head straight for Northampton.

For those preferring urban living, we suggest several areas.

  • Abington
  • East Hunsbury
  • West Hunsbury
  • Kingsley
  • Delapre
  • Kingsthorpe

On the contrary, great villages await such as Broughton, Great Houghton, Little Brington, and Wootton. As for new developments, our suggestion is Scholars Green or Loxton Fields.

Entertainment is guaranteed

In case you worry because you’re leaving Nottingham, a city with amazing shops, restaurants, attractions and a famous music scene, relax. Northampton is maybe smaller but offers a variety of entertainment opportunities.

  • shopping – Those enjoying shopping will simply adore Northampton, a paradise for shoppers. A variety of shopping centres have all the things you need. Hence, you can choose between The Grosvenor Centre, The Western Favell Shopping Centre, St James Retail Park, and Riverside Retail Park.
  • Northampton’s marketplace  – One of the oldest marketplaces in the country.
  • Salcey Forest – It’s 7 miles away from the town centre.
  • Billing Aquadrome Leisure Park – Enjoy the marina, funfair, bar, and converted water mill.
  • The Northampton Carnival – Every summer you’ll revel in a parade of floats and stage performances.
  • The Dragon Boat Race  – Cheer for your favourite team from the riverbank.
  • The Silverstone Circuit – It’s more than just racing.
a woman with shopping bags
The whole family can enjoy a variety of activities in Northampton.

Great opportunities for educating your children

Education shouldn’t be on the list of concerns when making Northampton your new home. Both places offer excellent education. Northampton offers more than 50 primary schools. Ofsted ranked almost 80% of them as Good. Also, don’t doubt the quality of secondary schools since almost 70% of them are ranked as Good or Outstanding. Moreover, the existence of a number of Special Educational Needs Schools is a plus. You just need to choose where to enroll your children. The offer is remarkable. Furthermore, the University of Northampton offers extraordinary opportunities for students. They will enjoy the campus on the waterside and still be close to the town centre.

moving from Nottingham to Northampton will eanble your children to sit on a colorful rug and listen to their teacher
Opt for the best school. Indeed, the offer is outstanding. Your children will get a first-class education.

Feel no regrets since your move will be a definite plus for your entire family

Altogether, moving from Nottingham to Northampton will lead you to a new phase in your life. Be prepared, stay organized and rely on true professionals. Experience a successful relocation and stay positive. Northampton has so much to offer. From average costs, amazing entertainment opportunities, economy, education, to transport, this is an amazing place for a new start.

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