Moving from Milton Keynes to Northampton: what to expect

After reaching a final decision to move to a new place, doubts may arise. Is this the right place for me? How will I manage? Will I regret leaving my old hometown? Well, you can resolve your doubts by doing thorough research about the place you’re moving to. Compare the two places. See the good and bad sides. Overall, be prepared. Hence, moving from Northampton to Milton Keynes won’t be a stressful experience after all. Moreover, your professional moving company can be of great help. Advice coming from true professionals is always welcomed.

Will moving from Northampton to Milton Keynes be a significant change in your lives?

To tell you the truth, the differences do exist. Both towns have their own personality. However, in our humble opinion, you are about to see that in most cases the differences are not astonishing. As a matter of fact, even similarities are quite often.

Costs are something that surely worries you

Well, we consider that you don’t have reasons to be concerned because of the money when relocating from Milton Keynes to Northampton. Of course, you need to save money for the relocation process. However, with the right removal companies Milton Keynes even relocation doesn’t have to be expensive. As for the two places, the costs are pretty similar.

view of Milton Keynes
Moving from Milton Keynes to Northampton will bring new experiences but not too many different lifestyles.

We can’t state that living in Milton Keynes is cheap. Still, it’s definitely more affordable than living in London. At the same time, being close to London makes it quite an attractive destination. Coming to Northampton, the situation won’t change that much. Northampton is 33% cheaper than London. For instance, in case you’re buying a home, you need around £330,000. As you can see, practically the same as in Milton Keynes. The same situation happens with renting. The average rent in both places is around £650 for a one-bedroom flat. Maybe a bit cheaper in  Northampton. Also, basic utility costs are the same,  £177.

Be certain you’ll find a decent job

Consistent economic growth in Milton Keynes may worry you. After all, it’s risky leaving something secure. Nevertheless, Northampton will offer you tremendous job opportunities. Thus, rest assured you’re making the right decision by using the services of removals Northampton. Northampton’s economy is mainly based on distribution, finance, engineering, and other industries. For instance, food processing, brewing, manufacturing of shoe machinery, cosmetics, leather goods, and car accessories. Furthermore, according to Experian, Northampton is named to be one of the best places to start a business in the UK. Also, we must mention that being only 60 miles away from London can contribute to finding a job easily.

Transport links create great opportunities for the residents

Both towns can brag about having excellent transport links to another big city. Especially towards London or Birmingham. For instance, Northampton has access to M1 so that people could go north or south. Also, here you can rely on the train station. Not to mention the bus rides. Therefore, whatever means of transport you use, opt for what suits you best. After all, what matters is that everything is easily reachable.  Hence, disposal services Northampton will access your home without trouble.

moving from Milton Keynes to Northampton by train
Easy access to other cities makes Northampton a desirable city.

Education is a fundamental point when deciding where to relocate

Have no worries concerning your children’s education. Leaving Milton Keynes for Northampton won’t have a negative impact on your children. You are already used to good schools in Milton Keynes where 30 out of 110 schools are rated Outstanding by Ofsted. With this in mind, you’ll be glad to hear that your main problem will be what school to choose among the numerous brilliant schools in Northampton. It’s a known fact that 80% of primary schools are ranked Good while almost 70% of secondary ones are ranked Good or Outstanding. Also, there are a number of special Educational Needs Schools at your disposal.

Also, we must mention the important role of the University of Northampton which welcomes a significant number of college students. The campus is located on the waterside. Hence, students feel pleasant studying here. After all, they’re quite close to the town centre. Furthermore. one important thing that most parents will be glad to hear is that Northampton is a super safe town. The evidence is that Northampton has received the Purple Flag status for having a safe nightlife.

people graduating
Northampton is the perfect place for college students. Get your degrees and enjoy studying in this amazing town.

You’ll enjoy every part of Northampton

While you do have plenty of fun things to do in Milton Keynes, rest assured the town of Northampton will offer outstanding opportunities to enjoy every single day in this beautiful town.

  • shopping – Those who enjoy shopping will be delighted by amazing shopping centres.
  • Northampton’s marketplace – It’s one of the oldest in the country.
  • Salcey Forest – In case you need a peaceful retreat, this is a perfect place for the family. Go 7 miles away from the town centre and you’ll end up in a lovely place.
  • Billing Aquadrome Leisure Park – Families can revel in a true attraction where you can see a marina, funfair, bars and a converted watermill.
  • The Dragon Boat Race by the rotary club – Cheer your team from the riverbank.
  • The Silverstone Circuit – This isn’t just Gran Prix racing. As a matter of fact, this is a rare opportunity to see classic cars.
  • festivals and different events – For instance, you can witness the Northampton Carnival every summer.
  • parks – Your children will have an amazing time in more than 150 parks and open spaces.

Feel the delights of successfully prepared relocation

Altogether, moving from Milton Keynes to Northampton will be a positive experience after a detailed plan and organization. Therefore, start by booking the right movers, handling everyday chores and packing. Also, don’t forget to make a comparison between the two places. Make sure you know what you can expect from the new destination. Having in mind that Northampton is a town with amazing opportunities, we are sure you’ll be truly satisfied with your life here.

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