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Welcome to Britmove. 10 Years of Experience !   
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Leicester Removals

What is the connection between King Richard III, dimpled golf balls, the modern-day English language, and the most spectacular Diwali celebration outside of India? You might be guessing it right – it is Leicester. Home of nearly 350,000 people, this city retains its historical splendour, while it moves forward into a prosperous future. Renowned for its world-class universities, and fantastic arts and culture scene Leicester pulsates with a cheerful vibe. It is named one of the best places to live in the UK, so if you are upping sticks to put your roots here, let us at Britmove help you! We are household removals Leicester specialists, providing a comprehensive range of quality and dependable services for your easy transfer. With more than 8 years in operations as a brand, we are one of the finest household removal companies Leicester has. Contact us today to set up your target moving date!

A city of great history and home of top-class universities, Leicester is a fantastic place to live in

Britmove is a reputable provider of household removals Leicester residents trust and recommend

Moving houses seldomly is a simple task. No matter how big or small your household is, professional assistance is necessary, shall you keep your items and property free of damages. However, finding dependable removals Leicester services is not simple either. But, by partnering with Britmove for your pending house move you can be sure that you are making the best choice!

Moreover, our clients’ reviews further confirm our commitment to excellence in what we do. At Britmove we have built a solid reputation, and we are one of the most trusted removal companies Leicester has. So, partner with us, and secure your seamless house move!

The members of our Leicester removals team are seasoned experts in the house moving domain

The removals process consists of many moving parts. At Britmove we make sure we tackle all aspects with solid expertise and dedicated workmanship. Therefore, our crew is made of only the best industry professionals.

Each member on our Leicester removals team is thoroughly assessed on their practical talent and work ethics. We handpick those that have a proven track record of outstanding performance in the domain. Further, our team members are highly trained in specific areas of the household removal field. We know that the people we put at the forefront of our operations make all the difference. Therefore, at Britmove we see to it to provide an outstanding team of house moving experts for your ideal relocation to or from the city of Leicester.

A city of great history and home of top-class universities, Leicester is a fantastic place to live in

Withal, you can put your complete trust in us and our removals team. Britmove is legitimate and regularly checked on the quality and dependability of our work. We are among the finest Leicester removal companies and our crew is your loyal house moving partner you can comfortably rely upon. Call us today!

We integrate our quality removals services in Leicester with dependable resources

At Britmove we maintain consistent quality in all segments of our business. Apart from putting together a stellar team dedicated to removals in Leicester, we invest in our fleet as well. Our vehicles are in various sizes, so no matter how big or small your upcoming house move is, be sure that we will maximize its efficiency and fast completion.

Furthermore, Britmove covers numerous areas in the UK. We have branches in multiple locations throughout the country. This enables us to conduct your house move at a flowing pace and with extensive resources on hand. For you, this means fast and smooth relocation with no unnecessary delays or unpredicted complexities arising in the midst of the move. So, slash the ever-so-common house-moving stress and anxiety in its headspring! Let us at Britmove transfer your household with ease, and for your maximum comfort.

Benefit from the superior efficiency of one of the finest removal companies Leicester has at the best price!

It is our commitment to upholding our leadership position in the removals industry. Therefore, everything we do is with the best interest of our clients in mind. At Britmove we work hard to build leverage and secure your repeated business. Hence, we operate on the principles of integrity and fair treatment of our esteemed clients. We make sure we provide the best Leicester removals craftsmanship at the best price feasible. So, get your quote for your convenience, and talk to us today to plan your ideal relocation befitting your budget and expectations!

Call us at Britmove today, so to plan your swift house move with ease!

A full suite of household removals services custom-tailored to your specific requirements

Every household move has unique features determining its level of complexity. And, irrespective of how difficult yours may seem now, put your mind at ease and talk to our friendly and courteous specialists today! Britmove is dedicated to making any and all household removals Leicester scenarios simple and easy.

We have the experience, resources, and prowess, and we will back you up anytime! Our removal services are steeped in expertise. We offer you the flexibility to choose as much or as little as you see suitable.

So, let us know the details of your upcoming move. And, let us alleviate your concerns with expert guidance and useful moving tips. Britmove is at your service to provide you with dependable support no matter how easy or difficult your house move might be. Therefore, get in touch with us now, and benefit from our unparalleled offer on removals Leicester services!

Our Removals Leicester team is dedicated to ensuring complete client satisfaction

It’s an emotional roller coaster, moving to a new place. A moving process is oftentimes just as stressful as it is exciting. Technical and logistical know-how aren’t the only things our Leicester home removals experts have to offer. Here at Britmove, we strive to make your move as stress-free as possible. As you might imagine, we have a lot of admiring clientele. After each job is completed, Britmove receives several positive testimonials from satisfied customers. Our reviews will speak for themselves.

Professional packing services ensure the safety and security of your belongings

With a never-ending to-do list of house-moving duties, juggling moving boxes may be a challenge. It’s possible to cross over yet another one with Britmove and save both time and your back. Our home movers in Leicester are expert packers. In addition to saving you time, our professional packing service ensures that your things are adequately protected throughout the move. Because we will offer the necessary packaging materials, you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself. You may entrust us with the task of unpacking your belongings in your new house and provide us with specific directions on where you want your furniture placed. Once you get to your new home, all you have to do is get settled in and feel at home.

With our expert movers and packers, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Storage solutions for a completely stress-free home removals Leicester service

Britmove maintains a storage facility that is both hygienic and secure. For a wide variety of home and personal belongings, this is a good choice. With our storage service, you can choose how much space and how long you want to use it. There is no ambiguity in our price structure. Our storage options are useful in a variety of scenarios, such as during renovations or as a convenient supplement to our Leicester home removals services.

We can assist you to get rid of old furniture and other items around the home. When you need to get rid of a few things or a lot, Britmove is the company to call. Cleaning services are also available as an add-on to our Leicester house moving services. You don’t have to put in an effort to keep your house spotless. Let us know what we can do for you by contacting us now. We guarantee that our home movers will meet or exceed your expectations in terms of quality. All of this is available at reasonable prices.

Brit Move team is a pro at long-distance relocations

Concerns about the long-distance transportation of your family heirlooms to a new location are inevitable. You will, of course, need professional support with this project. However, putting your faith in just about anybody who calls themselves a removalist is a mistake. Hence be sure that the firm that supplies your long-distance removals Leicester service is worthy of your trust before booking. We’re talking about your property and your well-being, after all! Over the last eight years, Britmove has been a leading removals business in the moving sector. We have conducted more than 5,000 home removals, and our customers’ evaluations clearly demonstrate our level of expertise and unwavering dedication to quality.

At removals Leicester, you can only expect highly professional service.


Take advantage of our low-cost, high-quality removals Leicester service!

Your relocation costs will go up as the distance of the movement rises. This, however, is not a reason for panic! When it comes to long-distance removals in Leicester, Britmove understands that money is frequently a stumbling block. Also, we’re doing all we can to remedy this situation! We try our best to provide the greatest value for a reliable and high-quality removal service. For this reason, we provide a free estimate to assist you to estimate your relocation expenses. As a result, take advantage of this opportunity and ask for yours right now!

We can assure you that you will experience no such things as hidden or additional charges. We will offer you a full in-home moving estimate, and our prices are precise. The price you get is the price you will pay and not a dime more. Brit Move is a highly reliable company, recognized by all the reputable moving associations in the country. We would never risk our reputation and try to scam or steal from you. You can rest assured knowing that our movers are trained professionals and paid enough for their hard work. Every day, we try to better our services as well as help you save up where you can. We’ll offer you the best deal possible for your particular situation.

The best removals Leicester has available are at your fingertips – Call Britmove today!

All in all, there is nothing that we at Britmove cannot do to enact your vision of your ideal house move. So, you name it, and we will do it! Moreover, putting us on your team means you are getting the best value and quality of removals Leicester service. Therefore, look no further for industry professionals you can fully trust! Contact Britmove now, and move with ease and real peace of mind!

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