How to simplify the packing process before the move

Relocation is a complex project that involves a lot of things that need to be organized and planned. From organizing belonging for transportation to settling into your new home, many tasks need to be completed. However, there is no doubt, that packing is one of the most difficult tasks. It takes time and requires patience in order to ensure that your belongings are properly wrapped and ready for transportation day. To make this task easier you can hire one of the professional removal companies Northamptonshire has to help you pack your belongings. But if you decide to pack by yourself there are things that you can do to make this process easier. Here are some tips on how to simplify the packing process before the move. 

Take an inventory of your items and make a checklist

Before you start packing it is important to decide which belongings you will take with you and which ones you will leave behind. This way it will be easier for you to plan the whole packing process. Make sure to take inventory of your belongings. Because there are certainly some items that you didn’t use for a long time and that you forgot about having them. And by creating a list of your inventory you will know what items will be useful in your new home. 

Written checklist as a symbol of how checklist can simplify packing process before the move
Create a checklist for your items in order to simplify the packing process before the move

Also, by creating a checklist you will be able to mark items that you want to take with you and the ones that you will not need. There might be items that are not going to be useful in the new location but have sentimental value to you. For those items that you don’t want to get rid of- you should consider placing them in one of the storage Northamptonshire. This way you will not overfill your new space and your valuables will be in a safe and secure place.

Pack an essential bag

Another way to simplify your packing process is to set apart belongings that are essential to you. This way you will have fewer items to worry about when the packing time comes. And you will be ready for the first couple of days in your new home. Having an essential bag is useful because you will have one bag that will contain all your important belongings. And this is important because you will have some items that you might need before unpacking. For example, you will not have to go through a pile of stuff to find a charger for your phone. Items that essential bag should include are:

  • Clothes for the first couple of days
  • Medications
  • Toiletries and cosmetics
  • Electronics and chargers
  • Important documents

Decluttering will simplify the packing process before the move

Certainly, one of the best ways to make your packing process easier is to have fewer items to pack. This way you will need less time to pack. But also you will be able to save money on packing supplies, as you will not need as many. And in order to simplify packing this way you should declutter. Decluttering is a great way to get rid of the items that you don’t need, but that might be helpful to somebody else.

Boy selling items on the street
In order to declutter organize a sale

One of the ways to downsize is to organize a garage sale. This way you will get rid of the items that you don’t need and earn some extra money. On the other hand, you can consider giving some of the items to your friends and family as a gift before moving away. And lastly, you should donate items that you are not using. This way you will do something good and help people that need those items.

Disassemble your furniture before you start packing

Regardless of the distance of your move, relocating large and heavy items can be a real challenge. It doesn’t matter if you are moving from another state or you are using one of the companies providing removals Desborough, you should disassemble furniture and items that are too large to fit the truck. This will not help you only to easier navigate and move the furniture, but it will be easier to pack it.

Whether you are disassembling furniture, musical instruments, or any other large item, make sure to place all the screws in the plastic bag. Also, after packing every piece of the furniture ensure to put them together in the same moving box and label it. This way your belongings will be properly packed and well organized. This will simplify your packing process, but unpacking as well. 

To  simplify the packing process before the move hire professional packers

And without doubt, the easiest way to pack your belongings is to simply hire professionals to do it. Many removal companies offer packing services. There is no reason to stress over your fragile and sensitive items when you can find one of the best packing services Northamptonshire has to offer to do for you. This way you will simplify your packing process and have time to focus on the other aspects of relocation.

A mover sealing moving box
You can always hire professionals to help you with the packing process

Not only that professional packers will help you with packing but they will provide you with quality packing materials and supplies. This way you will be certain that your belongings are properly wrapped. And you will not have to worry about possible damages. Whether you are moving within the County of Northamptonshire or somewhere further, is better to spend more money but be more relaxed. And avoid the possibility of spending even more money later, in case something gets broken.

Packing is certainly a complex and overwhelming task. But if you know how to organize everything you can make it easy and simple. Follow some of the tips that we gave you on how to simplify the packing process before the move and your valuables will be protected.

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