How to prevent moving day injuries

Organizing the move is a huge business for everybody. No matter if this is your first or tenth move, every time it is different. In addition, people always learn something new from it. Before the moving day comes, there are plenty of preparations to take. For this and many other reasons, we must make sure to start on time with moving preparations. This includes many different things such as getting packing materials, booking reliable movers, packing, etc. In general, the most unpopular moving seasons are autumn and winter. Due to the bad weather, there are many incidents that can happen. For example, if it is raining or there is some ice, you or your movers can easily slip off the stairs. Other accidents can happen, as well. For this reason, read the following article to find out the way to prevent moving day injuries.

Which injuries can happen

There are plenty of different injuries that can occur while moving. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Even before the moving day, you can undergo some injury. For example, some of the large, bulky furniture such are wardrobes or beds need disassembling and then reassembling. Since you do not have enough experience in doing this, consider booking reassembling services with professional movers. After so many years of doing this, movers have the right expertise and tools to do this properly. In addition, think about the flatpack furniture. When you moved in into your current home, you probably assembled some wall fitting or bunk bed. This is something that unfortunately you cannot disassemble just with additional strong pair of hands. Following the right procedure is important. Therefore, let the professionals do this heavy-duty for you. You can prepare the rest of the items for packing.

a couple lifting a sofa
It is important to practice lifting to prevent moving day injuries

Ways to prevent moving injuries

There is no perfect move. You must prepare for all kinds of situations and make sure to reduce the risk of injuries as much as possible.

That means to prepare accordingly. Maybe you are the person who works and spends a lot of time sitting. If you do not go hiking, or just home exercising, most likely you will not be ready for heavy lifting. And moving includes a lot of physical work and lifting. For this reason, think about hiring professional packers. Many moving companies offer this service. It can be pretty convenient to use if for different reasons. Packing large items means getting large packing materials. While trying to lift them, if you do not have the right lifting and packing tools to fit them in, you risk dropping them. Packers with experience can save you from hurting yourself and also save time on packing.

Another good piece of advice – do not overpack

It is important to know your limits. Sometimes we expect too much from our bodies. Often, we are not aware of the fact that moving preparations are quite exhausting.

a person in a protective suit carrying a box
You should hire professional packers to protect yourself from hurting

In addition, they last for months. And since the moving day is coming, you may be rushing to prepare everything on time. In order to prevent moving day injuries, we advise not to rush. That also means that you do not have to pack all the boxes full to the brim. In addition, you can book a moving advisor to come to your home and inspect it. After that, they can give a proper suggestion which moving boxes to use. By choosing the proper moving materials, you will prevent the boxes from opening while carrying them out. Also, be mindful of the weight of the boxes at which you are comfortable moving them.

Other tips to prevent moving day injuries

First of all, clear all the paths you and your movers will be going over. Especially if you are moving on a cold, rainy day. Inside the house or flat, open up or take the doors off the hinges. This way you will create more space for movers to take out the boxes. In addition, you will reduce the risk of bumping into the doors and walls and dropping off the boxes. Learn other tips and trick for safe moving. Clear all the hallways and do not leave anything so you cannot trip over a box, shoes, and even your pets. Make sure that your dog or cat is not around on a moving day. Since your pets may be under the stress of moving, they can try to seek additional attention. By trying to cuddle, they can trip both your movers and you while carrying boxes.

a family of three carrying boxes
To not fill your boxes too much

Learn how to lift

One of the most important things we must learn about carrying any weights is lifting them. If you lift the weight inappropriately, the chances are great that you will heart your back. For this reason, it is necessary to do some exercises. Never try to lift using your back and hands. Instead, focus on lifting by your legs. Another thing that can help a great deal is getting a moving dolly. You can find some on Amazon. It will not only save your time and money but also your back. In addition, on a moving day, it is important to know when to take breaks. Decide when it is enough and when both you and your movers should take a break. Finally, do not forget to dress appropriately. Long sleeves and trousers cut down the chances to get hurt while taking things out.

As you can see it is very important to prevent moving day injuries. For this reason, you must prepare for different scenarios. To make all this work, it is necessary to plan everything ahead of time. Also, go for professional help and ask them to prepare and pack your large or built-in items. Also, you do not need to start going to the gym, but some sort of exercise will do you good. Especially when it comes to heavy lifting, you should learn how to do it properly in order to save yourself from injuries. Remember to take regular breaks so your moving day can go without any incidents.

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