How to avoid fraudulent removal companies

No one likes to be a victim of fraud or any kind of scam. Especially not when relocating home and there is so much at stake. To be honest, it happens from time to time. The removal industry is like any other business and frauds are present. Luckily, there is a way to avoid fraudulent removal companies and we will show you how to do it. The only sad part is that you must search for removal companies UK, organize packing, sort out legalities, work on your budget, and now think about frauds. But worry not, we will try to remove them out of the equation and ensure your investment is secured. Let’s go!

You will easily avoid fraudulent removal companies if you search for a licensed one

The easiest way to avoid fraudulent removal companies is to search only for licensed ones. So, when you browse the internet and compare prices, reviews, and services, always check if they have permits to work within the moving industry. If you have issues confirming this within 10 minutes, then you should move on. It is an instant red flag. All accredited moving companies should be registered online and you should be able to confirm it without having to call them. Moreover, while searching for movers, make sure they possess the following mandatory criteria:

  • Knowledge, experience, and a good reputation.
  • Required moving services.
  • Safety standards in place and moving insurance.
  • All tools and equipment.
  • Adequately sized moving vehicles.
  • Competitive prices.
movers with two carton boxes
You will need only an hour to find a legit and reputable moving company online. Just make sure they are licensed.

If your movers are licensed and have all the above, you can consider hiring them. Of course, be wise and list down several companies. Give them a call to check up on a few offers before you accept the best one from one of your local removals Northamptonshire companies.

Obtain referrals

Another great way to avoid fraudulent removal companies is to skip the internet search altogether and find your movers elsewhere. Ask one of your colleagues, neighbours, relatives, friends, etc. Maybe they can refer a good company they have used in the past. As you know, word of mouth can tear down walls so make sure to use this powerful tool. Obtain referrals and find the best house removals Northamptonshire company your friends can vouch for. If by any chance you can’t find it this way, you can join one of the social media groups and connect with people all over the place. Ask them if they can recommend a company and if they mention the company you had in mind, you can give it a try.

Put on your detective hat for a moment

Now, you can always dig a bit further if you want to make sure your company is legit. If you have found the moving company you like and you obtained referrals, you can still double-check and confirm if they are good or not. And this part is fairly easy. Start with the company’s website and make sure they have a physical address with contact info displayed. Then, check the European Department of Transportation and make sure your company is accredited and registered there as well.

do your research to avoid fraudulent removal companies
Sit down and research your movers. It might take a while but you’ll get there.

Lastly, after reading all reviews and browsing through their services, give them a call and verbally confirm if they possess all the mandatory requirements we listed above. If everything is in order, you can proceed and hire the moving company. This is the best you can do to verify the legitimacy of your local removal company. Now, remove the detective hat and pour a cup of tea. You deserved it.

Never purchase what you do not need

Never let your movers take on the lead and offer a bunch of services you do not need. You may slip and accept something you do not need. Remember, fraudulent moving companies will offer all kinds of moving services just to boost the final moving price. Although, some moving services may look appealing at first. Like packing service Northamptonshire which is simply amazing. But if you do not need them at all, you will only feel scammed in the end when you end up with a hefty bill in your hands. Therefore, you tell your movers what you want and not the other way around. Let them propose what would be the safest way to go but if they are pushing too much stop them right there. Be persuasive and negotiate the terms. You are the customer and you know what kind of service you want and what is the size of your budget.

The legalities are tricky but they will help you avoid fraudulent removal companies

Creating a moving contract is confusing and complicated for those who know how to do it. Just imagine how it looks like for someone who glances at it for the first time. And if this is your first relocation, then you are a ripe fruit ready to be plucked away. You must be extremely careful with the moving contract if you do not understand what is inside of it. If this is the case, you should consult someone who does or simply seek legal counsel.

two persons signing papers
Make sure you understand the moving package you have purchased and how to read your moving contract.

Basically, inside a moving contract movers can hide fine prints with all sorts of scams and frauds. For example, they can shield themselves against any damages, claims, or they can charge you extra for certain situations. Obviously, if you sign, they will make sure those situations occur. So, all you must do is to have someone who understands the document or if you are that person, then even better. Read it at least three times to be sure everything is in order and once more a few days before the move. Also, consider purchasing moving insurance just to be on the safe side.

Now you know how to avoid fraudulent removal companies. Remember, it is better to prevent the situation rather than mend it. Hopefully, we provided enough knowledge for you to do that. Good luck and stay safe.

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