Facts about living in Peterborough you should know

Moving to a new place is demanding and requires your full devotion in order for things to get done perfectly. Removal companies Northamptonshire can easily become your most reliable allies in this endeavour. However, besides all this, you shouldn’t forget one important aspect of the relocation. Knowing the place you’re moving to is a step you shouldn’t miss. Hence, facts about living in Peterborough can facilitate your new beginnings. After all, be prepared for what is expecting you. One thing we are sure of. Peterborough is an amazing place that has so much to offer. Thus, you’ll surely be satisfied with your new life here.

Get familiar with the facts about living in Peterborough

Where to begin with? It all depends on individuals’ characteristics. Everyone is searching for something different in the new city. Nevertheless, there are some general things that could be of great use to you. Only then will you be ready and nothing could take you by surprise.

Costs are something that most people would like to start from

Nowadays people are mostly concerned about the expenses of living in a certain place. Unfortunately, the global crisis has taken its toll. Be that as it may, we have some good news for you. First, rest assured removals Peterborough will adjust to your needs. Then, the overall costs of living are almost 10,41% lower than in London. Indeed, this is interesting to note since London is quite close to Peterborough. As for the average rent, it’s about 66.23% lower than the national average. For instance, in case you rent a three-bedroom flat in the city centre you need to leave aside £933,33. On the other hand, the average price of properties is £169.261. As a matter of fact, Peterborough has one of the most affordable properties in the country. Also, the basic utilities such as water, electricity, and heating cost around £139 per month.

a house in Peterborough
Buy a home at a reasonable price. Start a new life with a smile on your face.

Employment opportunities are quite satisfying

To start with, the employment rate is 79.4%, which is 4% higher than the average. Thus, you will be able to find a suitable job. Certain business sectors are well-developed.

  • advanced engineering
  • manufacturing
  • agritech
  • food and drink
  • digital and creative
  • energy and environment
  • financial services

Since Peterborough is growing rapidly and has excellent transport links, many new companies start their businesses here. Also, multinational companies are becoming more interested in doing business here.

Peterborough is an extraordinary place to raise a family

In case you have children, you surely want to know certain things about living in Peterborough. High birth rates and affordable home prices contribute to the fact this place is becoming more popular for families. There are good provisions for child care, nurseries, and primary schools. Hence, handle the packing process with care and come to Peterborough.  There are 81 primary schools, 25 secondary schools, and 22 schools and colleges. Moreover, it’s good knowing that over 85% of the schools are rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted. Also, one of the largest colleges in Cambridgeshire is right here – Peterborough Regional College.

What are the best places to live in Peterborough?

Knowing certain information about life in Peterborough can make huge changes to your life. For a start, you are to know where to buy or rent a new home. Long distance removals Northamptonshire can also provide helpful advice. What part of Peterborough will suit you best? Well, we have chosen the 3 best parts.

  1. Yaxley – It is located around 5 miles south of the city centre. Mostly young families will adore this place because of the nearby schools, recreation grounds, restaurants, and pubs.
  2. Whittlesey – Its location is about 6 miles east of Peterborough. In case you’re interested in finding a large attractive home where the houses are not piled on top of each other, this is the right place for you. More importantly, you’ll have more space, privacy, and peace. Also, an important fact is that it has its own train station.
  3. Hampton Valley – For those preferring newer, more modern homes, this is the place. Here you can enjoy surrounding lakes and lovely walks.

You won’t lack entertainment here

As a resident, you’ll enjoy Peterborough’s numerous festivals and events throughout the year. Also, you have the opportunity to visit museums, there are numerous sports events. Thus, everyone will find something according to their desires.

  • Heritage and Willow music festival – Enjoy a fantastic opportunity for free entertainment. Peterborough is known as the city of festivals.
  • The Key Theatre – This theatre offers numerous shows, dancing, live bands, and art productions.
  • Nene Park – This amazing park stretches 3 and a half-mile of the unbelievable countryside.
  • Cathedral Square – The heart of the city always attracts both residents and tourists.
  • Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery – A chance to get insight into the past.
  • great shopping – Fans of shopping will find great pleasure in visiting shopping centres and other types of stores. For instance, John Lewis, Fat Face, Superdry, and Primark are quite popular.
  • parks – Petrebrough abounds in open spaces and a lot of greenery. Approximately 2,000 acres of parkland provide excellent opportunities for the family.
facts about living in Peterborough will introduce you to a Cathedral Square in Peterborough
Peterborough will welcome you open-handed. Explore this amazing city.

Transportation will absolutely fulfil your expectations

First of all, the link to London is attractive enough without the need to look for more transport links. You’ll be able to reach London in around 40 minutes by train. The average return ticket is £45. Moreover, the trains to London are very fast and regular. Another plus is that the train station is about 10 minutes away from the city centre.

a train station in Peterborough
Knowing the facts about living in Peterborough in advance is a good starting point.

Being prepared for the new residence means you’ve done your homework

Overall, start researching the new place on time. Don’t allow anything to take you by surprise. The facts about living in Peterborough will ease up the process of accommodation in a new place. You have the chance of knowing its positive sides and all the downsides you are to confront.  As already seen, Peterborough isn’t a decision you may regret. It really offers amazing opportunities and an affordable lifestyle. Both the modern and historic unite in this amazing city. In other words, you’ll be thrilled by what it has to offer.

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