5 reasons to move to Kettering

Change is always a good thing. For some changes, you will really have to step outside of your comfort zone. And moving is often that kind of change. Still, there are for sure some good reasons to move to Kettering and we are here to offer you five of them. But listen to our first piece of advice: get yourself some professional moving help. Search removal companies Northamptonshire but don’t rush in making that decision.

Why is important to take time before choosing movers?

The moving market is getting bigger by the day. And in that group, you will also find some amateurs. We won’t number the reasons why you really want to skip hiring them in a complex action like relocation. The truth is that you will much rather prefer house removals Northamptonshire who are reliable. So you should take some time for that search. Read all you can find about some companies. Look how long they are on the market and how much experience they have.

moving company men
Take time to find a good moving company to help you.

You will find variety in removals Kettering. And you want to find just the right ones for yourself. Don’t skip reading reviews. Other people’s experiences will tell you a lot about the company. And never sign the deal before you get quotes from at least three different moving companies. Communicate openly your wishes and specifics of your relocation, since everyone is unique. And let them ask some questions to you and give you different options.

We will line up 5 reasons to move to Kettering

Every person has their own reasons to change the place where they live. If you are not sure if you should jump into it, we are here to offer you some reasons to move to Kettering. The idea is to show you that this decision can really be simple. Don’t let to feel overwhelmed. You can create a mess out of everything or make it easy. The choice is yours. You can even simplify packing process before the move. But you have to start with the right mindset.

reasons to move to Kettering
We will line up 5 reasons to move to Kettering.

The thing you have to know about Kettering

You should know some things about Kettering before you decide to move there. This is actually one of the largest market places in Northamptonshire. It gets more popular by the day. It is just the perfect place for people who want to avoid London’s fuzz, but still, stay a travelling distance to it. This town is ancient and lies on the west side of the River Ise. Its name means literally ‘the place of Ketter’s folk’. The ancient feeling in this place dates back to the Iron Age (and how cool is that).

Housing prices

One of the most important things, when you decide to move, is the prices of the houses. So, let’s look at some numbers. When it comes to Kettering, you should know that the average prices are £273,873. That is actually less expensive than the national average. There are different types of properties that are for sale there. So that is great to know that you have that choice. And you will be able to find something for yourself, for sure.

Transportation links are great

So let’s start with some reasons to move to Kettering. As we said, this is a popular place for people who will commute to London for work. It has its own train station. That train will carry you to Nottingham in 55 minutes and to London within an hour. Living in Kettering will bring you the best of the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. And you will still be close enough to the bustling cities. So you can have the best from both worlds.

The job market is another of the reasons to move to Kettering

Kettering has actually plenty of job opportunities. But we have to mention that this is heyday as a clothing and shoe-making hub. Some really huge companies have there their headquarters. Some of them are Weetabix, Timpsons, and Morrisons. So you will be able to find a job within the city where you live. It is actually noted that Kettering has a low unemployment rate.

A fascinating history is a part of this place

If you are the kind of person who really enjoys being in historical surroundings then Kettering is the place for you. The settlements date all the way to the Iron Age. But that is not all. This town was part of some important historical events. Saxons and Danes battled right there and have changed hands between conquerors and kings more than once. Like that is not enough, close by is the so-called ‘English Versailes’ – actually, Boughton House that possesses impressive architecture and gardens that surrounds them. Recent history made their industrial and political hub.

Being in touch with nature

We don’t know a person who actually hates being surrounded by a lot of greenery. It gives a sense of peace and life, helps you to calm down and feel more at home. And you will find it all in Kettering. It has great access to Weekley Hall Wood. It also has close proximity to an ancient forest called Rockingham. In the centre of the town, you will be able to enjoy Wicksteed Park. That is Britain’s oldest theme park. Trough all the year you will enjoy many events there.

You will have a chance to be in touch with nature.

Are you ready for relocation?

Every place has its pros and its cons. Here, we lightened up some common reasons to move to Kettering. But the best you should know is to sit down and make a list of the reasons that are the most important to you. Also, you should be clear on what you are not ready to compromise. Once you do that, look at our list and find if those two lists are matched. We will remind you again that you should make it all simple. And start with planning relocation as soon as you decide what is the best for you. Trust your gut, it will all work out for you.

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